Choosing a local dentist

Making the decision of which doctor to choose for any type of work(dental, eye, diet) can be a difficult process. There are some key factors that everyone should be aware of when deciding.

The very first thing you should be considering is your dental health insurance and where it covers. Crossing off any dentist not in your HMO network will be pretty much necessary because no average person in their right mind would choose to go to a dentist where their insurance isn’t taken.

Next step: reviews and recommendations. First thing is ask around anyone you know in the area. Friends and co-workers are probably the best and easiest options to contact for opinions. If you just moved and you’re new to an area, co-workers will probably be the option. If you freelance, online reviews are the next thing to look at. Yelp, Facebook and Google all have their own review systems that you can look at for a business. We would recommend checking out all three.

Scheduling/Location. Consider if you want the dentist to be close to home or work, or if that even matters to you at all. Do you need to have your appointments done on weekends because of work? Do you need a dentist office that is open a little later than others to have your appointment after work? These are all factors to consider.