Looking for a new career? Try Home Inspection!

Do you like the idea of being your own boss? How about making your own hours? Do you enjoy being around the real estate industry? You may want to consider a career switch and try out being a home inspector if those things sound appealing to you.

Home Inspectors are well, exactly what the name says. You look at a home to evaluate it for people, usually home buyers or real estate agents. The main thing you will do is find current and potential problems with a home, what would need to be done to fix it and make sure buildings follow all regulations and laws.

The requirements to become a home inspector typically varies by state. Usually some sort of license or certification and training is required, but no formal education is required. Usually the time to become a home inspector is far less than getting a degree or learning a trade.

There’s a lot of advantages and disadvantages to getting home inspector training and making the switch. A few of the pros were mentioned in the beginning of the article. On the potentially bad side of things, you will basically be starting your own business from scratch. You’ll have to do a ton of networking, marketing and setting up on top of honing your skills as an inspector. It is an extremely challenging field to break into, but it can be one of the most rewarding opportunities for hard workers