Your diet and your teeth – Tooth decay prevention

It’s pretty common knowledge that the basics of preventing tooth decay and maintaining proper oral hygiene are brushing, flossing and visiting the dentist. If you have any specific questions related to diet and teeth, please contact your dentist. If you need a dentist to contact, try Springfield Modern Dental.  There are other things to consider though! Your diet, for example, can have a huge impact on tooth decay.

Different types of food and drink can have both positive and negative impacts on the well being of your teeth.

Pop, energy drinks, sports drinks: Many of these types of drinks contain high levels of acid besides the bacteria-produced acids that most food will create. The longer it takes to drink these the worse the effect will be.

Fruits/vegetables: These tend to be okay for your teeth. The natural sugars found in fresh fruit have not shown to increase decay risk. There are some studies that show it may actually decrease risk of tooth decay. Vegetables tend to take long to chew which creates more saliva that will kill the acid causing decay.

Dairy: These types of foods are actually great for your teeth. They can both increase strength and reduce risk of decay because of the calcium, phosphorus and casein contained in them. Calcium gets absorbed by enamel and creates saliva production.

Starches: Many of these foods break down into glucose or other sugars that bacteria will use to produce tooth decaying acid. Some are more dangerous that others. If any starches have added sugar such as breakfast cereals, the effect will be greater.